Social media design for various Instagram influencers a part of IM Academy network.
I conducted virtual meetings across Zoom with stakeholders and account owners to determine the best approach to market their brand on Instagram. The goal was to get a feel of the presence they have on Instagram and what they are trying to portray to benefit the growth and expansion of their online brand. 
• 18 to 30 years old
• 75% male / 25% female
• Interested in trading and crypto
• Self-driven motivated individuals​​​​​​​
Clients required a high-end design that delivers value to the viewer. The biggest challenge of the projects was to present the info in an organized manner that informs and keeps the viewer engaged to scroll through the slides and engage with the call to action of the post. 

Instagram Infographics to represent an idea or data. The objective was to represent data in a visual way that is easy to understand and intake at a quick glance on someones newsfeed. Goal was to draw attention and value to the post quickly and effectively.

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